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Small Batch High Quality Grows

At Jungle Girls we strive to provide free, clean, and medical quality cannabis gifts for our patients to enjoy with the art downloads we sell. Our gifts come from a coop of legal small batch high quality local grows. What this means is we can really dial in and physically care for our gardens to ensure the product that comes from it is at its peak genetic quality. With the demand for cannabis rapidly increasing the industry is trying to keep up! The growers can't grow fast enough and the breeders simply don't put in the time they used to. Just look at today's exotic crosses, everything these days is a cross of some cut of gelato it seems like. Where is the creativity?

The need for more supply has also lead to concentrates with cutting agents ( for example, cancerous carts), mass produced flower (automated chemical feeding, and lower quality), and counterfeiting (who knows what you are really getting).

While our small legal grows allow us to guarantee unmatched quality and clean green with every batch, it limits us in terms of quantity. We will never be able to provide these products at a higher rate; It's simply not possible. We grow organically and take great care and that takes time. Legally we are limited by the number of plants we can produce and until the law and space we have allow us our hands are tied. If you see a strain pop up you like you better grab its art download quick because these gifts only last on average 7 Days and aren't back for months! We source seeds and clones from the nations best breeders. We have real cuts from some places we aren't even aloud to name but real smokers just know! We have set up our coop for perpetual harvest and have a new menu every 1-2 weeks so stay tuned in on our instagram and website for new drops! As always sorry for the low stock! #QualityOverQuantity! More fire coming soon! Hashtag We got to let it cure right lol!

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